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Tips On How To Handle A Jeep Wrangler Door When Removing It

Buying a jeep wrangler is a hefty investment for anyone who wants to own a car. Owning a jeep wrangle comes with many advantages. One advantage is that jeep wranglers are powerful and can combat various weather changes. You can use your jeep on rough roads, whether there is snow, rain, rocks, sand or mud. Jeep wranglers have ageless designs compared to other cars. You can also improve the jeep wrangler to suit your needs.

You can modify parts like skid bars, mounts, LED headlights, or the winch mounts. The value of a jeep wrangler can hold over time. Purchase the jeep wrangler from a reputable dealer. Choose a car dealer that has been in business for many years. The quality of the car is also a factor to consider.

Jeeps are easy to drive since they have boxy shape. A jeep wrangles come with an open-air feature that allows you to enjoy the fresh air. If you want you can take off the doors of your jeep wrangler. When you consider removing the doors, start by learning how to remove it safely. Begin by folding the side mirrors of the vehicle before anything else. The reason, why you have to fold the doors, is that it will prevent damages when the doors are in storage. You should protect your mirrors since it is a requirement by the state to have side mirrors on your vehicle.

Ensure you move down the vehicle windows as your second step to make it easy for you to lift the door up. Jeep wranglers have a black belt for safety purpose when opening the doors. Your other move is to unhook the black belt from the jeeps’ door.

Some jeeps have power windows and lock with wires attached on them. If you jeep has power doors and windows you need to cut the power supply before you remove the door. Once you are done you need to remove the bolts and nuts on the doors. Note you will be using the same pins and nuts when putting back the door, so you have to store them well. Remove the door of the car by pulling it up.

Once you have removed the door, you need to ensure you store it properly. You have several options available when saving the doors. One option is to hang them on a hinge. The best method to protect the underside door is to store them in the floor brackets. You can use a storage cart or wrap the doors in a blanket. It is vital that you get assistance when removing the jeep doors.

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